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After the opening on 7th Jan, just a few days I will come back to HK. I tried to make my first solo show out of HK as light as it can be. It's one of the shows I really satisfied, even though I still made some kind of works visually similar to what I've done. In a diffeent context, they are different and are the best works that I've ever made.
I started to miss the works as all of them will be given away later, as part of the concept of the show. Something being left here to local people.
Still lots of meetings in the coming few days. Can't really enjoy or be relaxed in the coming couple of days. But anyway, it's good that have met some new friends here who share some similar thought as mine. I started to miss here, or the feeling of not in HK, before I come back HK. It's a strange feeling, some kinds of love and hate but not exactly.