fast turns slow

Having a McDonald meal on hand-painted cloth.
Acrylic on fabric, photo document

Already there

2 pieces of hand-painted cloth used in kitchen.
Acrylic on fabric, photo document


my initial idea of the new works for this resdency doesn't work very well. then i spent an afternoon reading in the courtyard with some tea, to make up my mind. but why? simply read under the nice sunshine is good enough.

cleaning windows in a rainy day

just finished a small set up at enjoy gallery, which is a fund-raising group exhibition for this one & only artist-run space in wellington. the installation of almost 40 works, even rusher than the shows in HK. just got it done 15mins after the opening time. when i helped to install some wooden work, the artist just looked at me. may be too fast for her? but it's already at the very very last minute. really lots of people came to the opening, just packed up the space. i contributed a piece of work just similar to what i've done. but i don't know why, i think there's something different.

'Hand-painted cloth used to clean the windows of Enjoy Gallery in a rainy day.' 2007
acrylic on fabric, photo document

in love with jim o'rourke

jim o'rourke's 'eureka' and 'half way to a three way' are always those records that i like to play in any mood and occasion. now i'm working in this cottage in wellington, i play them again and again. i can hear every note he played and every word he sung. i feel like in love with this shy american.

met a chance in supermarket and my meal to get across some stupidity.

today i went to supermarket to buy some fresh vegetable and cheaper hams. it's quite far away 30 mins walk from my cottage. but it's really soothing.

in the past few days i didn't see much chinese on the street but today i saw a lot in the supermarket. they work there, putting different stuffs onto the shelves. in a sudden i realized that chinese is quite hard to find a job here. (as someone here told me.) not only chinese, also some indians and people from middle east. that makes me feel a little bit embarrassed when i shop from the shelves.
during my walk, i just decided to start my work in the supermarket. i really did. it reminds me also pulp's 'common people', "i took her to a supermarket, i dont know why but i have to start it somewhere." and also reminds me, in our department and someone around me always bring everything back to a simple question: 'what is art and its function? how to benefit others?', etc. basically i find it not a meaningful question in contemporary sense. it's nostalgic. in a case like this (or more other cases), i'll rather ask 'what can you do?' just don't be so stupid, don't mention about art, as always, it's just as helpless as some other sphere or context did and still does, though they seems meaningful.
anyway, i back cottage, and make my meal with vegetable, ham and pasta. probably will have this kind of meal or lunch for a week. i feel calm and still while i making and eating it. more closer to their daily life, in a distance. this is where it should be.

why i see you here??

a few days before i bought a box of washing powder. today i realized that there's a clip inside as free gift. it's called 'surf peg people'. it really looks like lam tung pang, the painter who share the studio with me in HK. except its big eyes. ha.

1st time wash my cloth here.

just started

will have a group show 1st in enjoy gallery. something like fund-raising event for the art space. that's good to do some warm up here by doing the same kind of work in hk. my working place in the cottage. like making work at home on dinning table.

meal tonight

my meal tonight, still shiny outside. indeed the rice, vegetable and meat is the remains of my 1st dinner here in a chinese restaruant.

few days in new zealand

have arrived new zealand for a few days. quickly get used to living here.

the cottage i live and work. very beautiful and neat, and a second-hand smell in the house. i like it. it's one of the oldest cottage in wellington. they redecorated it for the residency programme. i's just beside a historical cemetry which is very beautiful too. the kitchen is so big!

the living room with furnace.

small courtyard outside my bedroom with lots of wild flowers grow. indeed my cottage is surrounded by a small courtyard.

my bedroom. i should bring someone here, it's a double-bed.

usually i smoke by the window in the kitchen. with some pieces of orange peel.

laundry. it's always a nice thing doing some houseworks here.