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Group photo

Photo from HK painter Lam Tung Pang's blog. Supposedly it's for our coming show Inside Looking Out in Osage Singapore. This kind of group photo always reminds me of photos; 2.old-fashioned; 3.picnic photos in primary schools; 4.someone having his last stage of cancer...... Anyway, I can't help feeling a bit silly, ha.

Still I like this pic. I remember things keep changing around and on us when we first did this show in HK and later Beijing. There's a mixed feeling inside. Sure it's not about hard working or not. It's like you are being watched while you are looking at others. Indeed we are just playing around.

That's good now Doris join in this show too! And our new series of works are put into the show with the previous works included...... once again, 'too crowded'.

Anyway, I still think this is a silly photo......