2nd hand shops then museum / gallery

A month almost past. The installation of works finished bit earlier, that makes me problably have more time to see some exhibitions. I've been here for more than three weeks, but seldom go to galleries or museum. Sure, most of them taking a long break until Feburary, still the public gallery and museum open which are very near the place I live. Just went there once and met some people for a while. Every kinds of curators. Probably will seize the last chance to have a look. Indeed at one glance of the shows, seem lots interesting works.

Still, the places I visited the most are 2nd-hand shop and book shop. Almost everyday. Particularly in 2nd hand shop, I can see people's ways of life now and before. People in present shop goods (furniture, books, clothing...)in the past. This activity filled in a gap in my observation here, one aspect of Wellington people (different races)'s daily life: shopping for goods they really need but can't afford to buy a new one, sometimes. And as well goods being donated to the shop (this shop ran by salvation army) show not only something in the past (but not far away) but something more. It is indeed a more lifely one than the 'absolutely positive' slogan and imaging of this city, like similar representation in lots of cities, including ours.

If I come from other country having a short residency in HK, will I go to museum or some galleries?? But, any place(s) like the 2nd hand shop I can look into?? I think simply standing in the street is quite enough. Vibrant?? I think this quite high-lighted the problems of contemporary art and people's daily life as well, in some cities branded as vibrant strive hard enough for a position by means of cultural imaging, but with political instability or at least, unfairness and lack of autonomy.


Tang Kwok-hin 鄧國騫 said...

How are you ar?


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.